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  • When you choose me to design your logo you will get;
    • Professional Quality Designs
    • All Rights & Master files
    • JPG file
    • GIF file
    • A PNG scalable file for PowerPoint
    • A Tiff version
    • An EPS Version
    • A PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Version
    • An AI master file (for professional printing, embroidery or future modification.)
    • You will immediately receive an email with the artwork (as well as an email to your printer if you prefer)
    How it typically works:
    1) You call TobyMikle@Gmail.com or EMAIL
    2) I ask for a 50% deposit and begin work
    3) I complete the work & present it to you
    4) I make any changes and deliver.
    5) The final 50% is invoiced.
    My promise to you:
    #1 I create all original one-of-a-kind custom artwork
    #2 You will retain all rights to the work
    #3 I will work in a timely manner
    #4 You will receive all master files and artwork



    Whether you decide to use me or not for your design, make sure of the following:

    1) For an original logo, insure that the designer you choose does not use logo creation software. This software often comes with 5 or so fonts and a variety of parts, much like a Mr. Potato head, you get a logo that fits what you want but looks like a lot of other logos out there. If someone else had a template logo from one of these programs and they trademarked it, it would be easy for someone to accidentally come up with a very similar design and you would unknowingly be infringing on their trademark.

    2) All logos MUST be completed in Vector and that you get the Vector master. Without it, you will not be able to print at a print shop at anywhere near the quality a vector image would achieve. Furthermore, a Vector master allows you to print at ANY size at razor sharp quality.  (The vector master can easily be exported as a gif, jpg, tga, PNG or EPS perfectly and at any size!)

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    Contact me   TobyMikle@Gmail.com   TobyMikle@Gmail.com



    Contact me   TobyMikle@Gmail.com   TobyMikle@Gmail.com

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